The World Institute for Sustainable Education and Research


The World Institute for Sustainable Education and Research (The WISER Group) is an international organization providing a vehicle for uniting the minds of educators, researchers and practitioners to share their ideas and philosophies with others to effectuate sustained knowledge and to foster the economic growth and development of women around the world.  To this end, The WISER Group serves as an interdisciplinary forum with the primary mission of:

  •  fostering dialogue and meaningful exchange
  •  building multi-disciplinary repositories of scholarly research and publications, and
  •  advancing the social and economic status of women around the globe.

The WISER Group offers books and journals of superior quality and relevance to educators and to the economic advancement of women around the world. Additionally, the organization conducts cutting edge research and provides workshops and training programs on a wide array of topics along with varied consulting and coaching services.

The WISER Group provides numerous benefits to its WISER International Network  (WIN) members including access to invaluable multidisciplinary research data, discounted books and journals, and the opportunity to publish articles and book chapters using an international forum. 

The organization has a distinguished, multi-discipline, board of scholars from around the globe who undergird the organization with a strong research foundation.

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